Faro Airport Terminal Information


Faro Airport (IATA: LPQ) is the third airport serving Portugal and the 8th largest airport in all of Europe. Serving a metropolitan area of around 500,000 people, it is an important commercial and tourist hub for Faro. The airport has three terminals that are interconnected by several levels of access ramps and subway trains that allow for easy transfer to other locations in the city or out into the countryside.

Faro Airport Terminal Information

The three terminals are located side by side and are connected by two different subway lines that run through the entire airport. The airport offers a selection of restaurants and shops, as well as cell phone charging stations, internet access points, currency exchange, coin-operated lockers for secure storage of luggage during long layovers, and a hospital located in terminal 1.

The three terminals include:

Terminal 1

The first terminal was opened in 1969 and has since undergone several renovations. It is home to the majority of low cost carriers operating at Faro Airport.

Terminal 2

This terminal was opened in 2006 and houses many of the airlines that serve Faro from North America and Western Europe. It is also home to the base of Portuguese Airlines, the national carrier. Terminal 2 contains a food court that serves many local and international dishes.

Terminal 3

This terminal was opened in 2011 and offers passport control facilities for the Schengen area, as well as a larger selection of restaurants and shops than other terminals. It has been reported that this terminal is still undergoing renovations with an estimated completion date of June 2014.

Artificial Turf

This artificial turf field was opened in 2008 and can be used for training by airport personnel. It is located between terminals 1 and 2.

Long Term Parking

This is a large underground parking garage located in the far western corner of the airport. There are no entrances or exits to this area and it is highly secured. This is the location for those who want to leave their cars for extended periods of time without being bothered by luggage carts that can be disruptive for sleeping passengers. A minimum rental fee of 150 Euros ($165) per day is charged at this facility.


The airport offers a wide selection of shops and restaurants located in all three terminals. The largest outdoor shopping mall, the Faro Mall at Terminal 2 is located on level 1 (near Gate 4) and has around 100 shops. Food is served at the restaurants in the mall, which include local and international cuisine. There is also a small park area for children to play in, provided by Airport Parks.


Transportation within the airport can be tricky as there are multiple train lines that criss-cross through all of the terminals. However, there are signs everywhere indicating what line to take and which terminal each train terminates at. The walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 (or vice versa) requires going up a flight of steps and is approximately 6 minutes without luggage and 8 minutes with luggage. The fastest way to get from one terminal to another is on the train as they only take a few minutes and don’t require walking outside.

Getting Outside

Passengers who wish to travel from the airport can choose from several options.

  1. Take a taxi to their destination, which is generally about 15 minutes away depending on traffic conditions. Taxis can be arranged at Taxi Faro Airport Transfer located next to the main entrance of Terminal 1 and are equipped with special signals that let you know when your taxi has arrived to pick you up, giving you peace of mind without having to stand in a long line.
  2. Take the airport train from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, then take a bus from there to their final destination. The journey is approximately 35 minutes and costs 10 Euros. The trains run every five minutes, so it is easy to find a train or bus that will take you where you need to go.
  3. Use public transportation in Faro city which offers an extensive network of buses and trains. The most direct way to get from Faro Airport to the central bus station is by taking local bus #103 which is open 24 hours and takes approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Take the bus from Faro city to the central bus station, which can be done by either boarding a connecting bus at Faro airport or by purchasing a ticket directly at the central terminal for 12 Euros. The bus journey takes about 35 minutes to get from one side of Faro to the other.
  5. Use the City bike network. If you have access to one of these you can simply ride a bike from one terminal to another for free. However, if you are a tourist looking for an alternative method of transportation this option might not be right for you.